WordPress has become the go to framework to build websites today. It has powerful features that enable more interaction and usability by business owners who want to be able to manage their website and make minor changes. This is possible because WordPress is a content management system. In such a framework the content and the design are separate in the way the coding organizes the website. This allows for the design to be in place and for the user to add content without disturbing that design or needing to add additional coding. It can be said that it is similar to managing your Facebook, Google Plus, or other social media pages.

To start your WordPress site we’ll need you to approve a theme or template that establishes the layout and structural look of your site. Second we start modifying the template to match your company’s style and colors. Custom graphics or pictures are added which can be created or provided by the client. All is provided by the client or derived from their previous website. Additional content can be added by the client even after the website is delivered in its completed form. Once it is complete we upload it to your hosted servers such as Hostmonster.com or GoDaddy.com. If the client does not have a hosting subscription setup we can help set it up.

With your new WordPress website you can edit, add, and post new content without incurring additional website management costs. However should you choose to let us handle further website management we provide website management services and enable you to stay focused on running your business.

E-Commerce websites need not be a headache as well. At Oak Leaf Creative we can setup up an e-commerce store front for you using the WordPress or Opencart framework. Both function in a similar manner allowing for greater ease of usability. As with the informational website, the e-commerce site is setup for you with your initial product offerings. All verbiage and content is supplied by the client and added to the website. Upon transfer of your completed website, you will be able to start taking payments and selling your product or service online without the extra costs incurred 3rd party marketplaces such as Ebay or Etsy.

It’s time to get started with an eye catching online presence. Contact us today for a professional website, an essential store front in the business world of today.

Here's a free design tip! Internet Explorer is a walking dead corpse in the world of browsers. Do yourself a favor and try Google's Chrome browser or any other browser for that matter.