Let us state this right away and say that social media integration is a must. If you’re not active on any of the offerings out there then customers will feel like they cannot reach you. In an era where instant communication is almost expected you need to provide your customers a forum for feedback. Not only that but address their concerns and suggestions. It may be that they find you and your product on sites such as Facebook and Google Plus before they even find your website.

Oak Leaf Creative can setup up your own business page on any of the popular social media sites. Just let us know which ones fit our business needs or we can advise you as well. In addition we also offer cover  picture design and profile picture design for dressing up your social media pages.

If you would rather devote your time completely to managing your business, we can manage your social media sites as a service.

Here's a free design tip! Internet Explorer is a walking dead corpse in the world of browsers. Do yourself a favor and try Google's Chrome browser or any other browser for that matter.