Logos are the face of a business. The visual aggregate of features that instantly makes you recognize the brand/company as you would a person by their facial features. It can be part of a style for your company that involves color theme, typography, and patterns or textures. The aim is to trigger an identity response from your target audience that associates that logo with your product or company. At Oak Leaf Creative we can help you achieve these goals for your business with a stylish logo that fits your company’s image. We can work with your vision of what it should look like or develop one for you completely from scratch. The end design is one that you will be proud to present as your company’s visual identity.

There are several styles of logos that can be developed to suit your needs. We can create vector logos which can be re-sized for any purpose you may need it for. Purposes such as a letterhead, a website, signage,etc. All without losing clarity or sharpness.

We can create 3D logos that have a eye catching look that stands out from the crowd.

If you have your own image that is pix-elated or is a scan or just a sketch of something you have visualized, we can trace it or as we call it vector-ize it and make it look sharp and crisp.

At the end of the process you will have an awesome looking company identity that matches your style and all work or source files in case you’d like to somewhere down the line create your own edits or change colors.  To get started just contact us with your design needs and we can discuss how to arrive at just the right look you desire.

Here's a free design tip! Internet Explorer is a walking dead corpse in the world of browsers. Do yourself a favor and try Google's Chrome browser or any other browser for that matter.