Oak Leaf Creative offers a variety of services. We can help you brand your business with designs that set your company apart and make it stand out. Your business is not in business unless your customers know you’re in business.


Static Design/Print Design

Static/Print design includes logos, business cards, flyers, and anything else that can be printed. Whether it’s a custom design from scratch or whether you need a pixelated or blurry image vectorized, we have the design solution for you.


Website Design/E-Commerce Store

We offer WordPress based websites that can be easily updated and modified. In today’s business world a website is of the essence. The marketplace comes to you via the web and if they can’t find you there then you’re not really in business. We can setup your hosting service and website files and design. We can also manage it for you if your time is better spent on other aspects of your business.


Motion Graphics

We offer motion graphics from animated logos, commercials, product ads, animated banners, marketing videos for conventions, to video editing. Whether it be on your website, on tv, or video hosting sites such as youtube, we can get you there and with an eye catching presence.


3D models and Pre-Visualizations

We can model and animate 3d objects for use in logos, motion graphics, product prototypes, and architectural and interior space pre-visualizations. We can also create environment scenery and objects for use in film, commercials, and video games. If you have an idea or product that needs to be demonstrated in 3D space we can build that for you or create it 3D printer ready.


Social Media setup and Management

Another essential business endeavor is to maintain a customer friendly and accessible presence on the web. Customers expect to find you on facebook, Google+, Etsy, Pinterest, and Twitter to name a few. Not only can you pitch your product or service but also gauge your customers and receive feedback on your company’s ability to meet their needs and wants.  We can set up these accounts for you so you can manage them, or we can manage them for you and help grow your business.

Here's a free design tip! Internet Explorer is a walking dead corpse in the world of browsers. Do yourself a favor and try Google's Chrome browser or any other browser for that matter.